About our Solutions

Accept payment anytime, anywhere with Payzium

Discover flexible payment processing solutions and take control of how you do business.

Payment Terminals

Make your in-store payments easy and secure with our credit and debit card machines.

Virtual Terminal

Process credit card payments securely from your phone or computer using internet connection.

eCommerce Solutions

Set up credit card payment processing on your website for a smooth shopping experience.

POS System

Optimize in-store operations with powerful POS software, managing inventory, transactions, and more.


Process sales and refunds
anytime, anywhere

Capture payments from your phone or computer. Simply log in to your merchant account and accept payments without any hassle.

Accept Payments Anywhere

Accept payments online or via mobile without the need for face-to-face transactions or a card reader.

It’s Totally Secure

We automatically store recurring customers information for hassle-free billing but it’s totally secure. Your data is encrypted with us.

Products Portfolio

Create your product listings, add them to your cart, and smoothly process payments. It’s your ultimate e-commerce tool in action.


Accept payments online
on your e-store

Streamline your online sales process with our eCommerce payment gateway. Connect it to your Mobile app or website and accept payments online.

Quick Integration

Easily set up and integrate payment gateway into your existing systems, allowing you to start selling online swiftly and efficiently.

Customizable Checkout Experience

Customize your checkout process to reflect your brand identity and enhance the overall shopping experience for your customers.

Automated Billing

Simplify your subscription plans with automated billing for smooth payment management and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Reliable Support

Count on our dedicated tech and customer support teams for smooth installation and troubleshooting assistance, every step of the way.


Smart Payment Technology
to help your business grow

Elevate your in-store operations with our versatile POS software and enhance every aspect of your retail business.

Inventory Management

Keep track of inventory levels in real-time, automate reordering processes, and minimize stockouts to optimize sales opportunities.

Manage Multiple Stores

If you have multiple store locations, manage them from one centralized system, ensuring consistency and efficiency across all branches.

Integration with third-party apps

Our system easily connects with other tools you already use, like accounting software and more, so you can keep everything in one place.

Built-in reports

Access pre-built reports to track sales, inventory, and employee performance, giving you valuable insights into your business.

Simple. Fast. Reliable.

Your Gateway to Payment Success